Art Off Center

116 W 2nd St, Ste 108

Potters Alley, Taylor, TX

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Scout Badge Workshop

Art Off Center provides a unique environment to fulfill a Scout merit badge requirement in pottery. Bring your troop to fulfill their merit badge at a real working pottery studio.

Art Off Center is a small, community ceramic studio with all the resources to create and learn how to make pottery and sculpture. Troops will tour of the facility and we’ll begin with a fascinating discussion of clay–how it was formed and its unique characteristics and historical uses. Additionally, we’ll discuss the various opportunities in the clay fields.

Subsequently, Scouts will make a project using pinch, slab, and/or coil building techniques. The pieces will be fired and glazed after the completion of the class. Throwing on the potters’ wheel will also be demonstrated and discussed with the group.

Contact us today or call 512-666-9003 to arrange.

We’d be happy to review and discuss requirements for your troop in advance of the class(es)! Badges are not included in the workshop.

Capacity: 4 to 10 scouts

Pricing: $45 per scout per class (minimum 4 scouts) $180 deposit due at time of registration.

Project Notes: Firing fees included in pricing fee. Projects will be ready for pickup approximately 1-2 weeks after the workshop date.

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